Robot Wars Attire

Robot Wars S08E05 Recap

Due to the region-locked content of BBC Two we North Americans have few options for watching the fantastic reboot of Robot Wars.  Well don’t worry friends, denkbot was keeping an eye out for you and we have a recap with your name on it!

If you are not familiar with the UK’s Robot Wars, be sure to check our S08E01 Recap for a brief intro into their rules!

Robot Wars Attire
We put on our Robot Wars attire!

Robot Wars S08E05

We offer two-ish options for North American viewing of this episode:


Since we lag a week behind, we won’t tell you to tune in to BBC Two next week because the Grand Finals was this last Sunday!  If you don’t have access to BBC Two, we will post a recap next Sunday for you so be sure to check back next week!

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Don’t miss our recap of the Robot Wars Grand Finals from BBC Two next Sunday!

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