• BattleBots Official site has upcoming events, rules and registration information, and news
  • BattleBots Wiki Battlebots Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to
  • BattleBots Update Comedy site focusing on the gold standard of robot combat: BattleBots
  • BioHazard  The home of BioHazard, world champion combat robot
  • BETA Team Robo Challenge from Birmingham, UK
  • Captain Shrederator Team Team Logicom from Ormond Beach, FL
  • Lock-Jaw Team Mutant Robotics from San Diego, CA
  • Warrior Clan Team Whyachi from Abbotsford, WI
  • Nightmare Team Nightmare from Bradenton, FL
  • Tombstone Team Hardcore Robotics from Placerville, CA
  • Touro Maximus Touro Maximus is a the current RoboGames World Champion from Brazil