Robot Wars Attire

Robot Wars S08E01 Recap

Due to the region-locked content of BBC Two, you were probably not able to watch the Season Premiere of Robot Wars.  Here in the US you might not have even heard that Robot Wars was getting a reboot!  Well don’t worry friends, denkbot was keeping an eye out for you and we have a recap with your name on it!

Robot Wars Attire
We put on our Robot Wars attire!

Robot Wars Rules

Before you watch Robot Wars, there are a few things we would like to point out, especially for readers not familiar with British robot combat.

Most robot combat events use a variation of the Robot Fighting League Standard Ruleset which in summary states: “[T]he robots are given three full minutes for a round, in which either one of the robots is knocked out or the match time runs out, and 3 judges decide the winner.”

Along with the standard knockout or judge’s decision, Robot Wars adds some additional win conditions in their variation of the Fighting Robots Association Ruleset which are as follows:

  • Flipping an opponent out of the arena into the surrounding trench.
  • Maneuvering an opponent into the ‘pit’ hazard inside the arena.

Due to these additional win conditions, robots in the UK have developed specialized archetypes such as the Launcher.

Feel free to take a minute and roam around the Robot Wars website to further familiarize with the world of British robot combat!

Robot Wars S08E01

Now that you have a little background, we offer three two options:

  1. FULL EPISODE! (Only if you are physically or virtually in the UK)
  2. BBC’s Six Minute Recap of S08E01
  3. Bootleg Fights Only  video from YouTube (16 minutes)


Be sure to tune in every Sunday night this summer for Robot Wars at 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST) on BBC Two!  If you don’t have access to BBC Two, we will post a recap every Sunday for you so be sure to check back in next week!

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Don’t miss next week’s episode of Robot Wars at 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST) on BBC Two!

*EDIT: Updated 20160807 to remove broken link to YouTube video

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