Two big notes before we begin the review:

  1. After we finalized denkbots’ design for our BattleBots Season 3 application, we found out Season 3 got cancelled. With this news, we spent a lot of this year focusing on new projects and searching for ways to fulfill our mission to Learn, Create, and Inspire!
  2. As this year began, several members of our team ventured into a brand new world for us: Science Communication and Science Advocacy. We are a very irreverent bunch… we are also very passionate about the power of STEM to improve people’s lives… we hope you have enjoyed the addition of our unique perspective into these worlds of Science Communication and Advocacy; If you have please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
we made a thing
we made a thing

Now, back to the article!

To celebrate our birthday, let us take a look at the year in review!

  • We worked to learn…

  • We worked to create…

  • We worked to inspire…

  • We brought thinkers together in our community…

  • We started a new FRC Team!

  • We made some graphics!

  • We helped make graphics for our friends…

  • We learned to fix new things!

  • We learned to make new things!

  • We worked to inspire the next generation!

  • We celebrated the birthdays of our robot friends!

  • We had another great GenCon!

  • We enjoyed making Rick and Morty jokes…

  • We empowered the next generation of women in STEM!

  • We looked into building a giant robot… seriously.

  • We got into the live-streaming business!

  • We decided to boldly go into the world of science communication!

  • We worked to inspire…

  • We got into the video production business!

  • We coped by humor…

  • and we got some new printers!

So what’s next?  More robots, science podcasts, educational live-streams, and bad photoshops!

With the cancellation of Season 3 of BattleBots we are not sure where the road leads for us, but we know it is going to be a fantastic journey so join us for the ride!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of this transitional second year with us; This has been a growing year for all of us and we can not wait to push forward in our attempt to put Indianapolis on the map as a robotics powerhouse!

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