We have finished the ninth month of our recurring weekly segments!

#MachineMonday #WednesdayWonders #ScienceSunday

Below is a recap of November’s posts, enjoy!

November 1st

We hope you had a safe harvest celebration last night!
Enjoy this belated #MachineMonday from VEX Robotics!

November 2nd (3rd)

Happy Belated #WednesdayWonders!

From the Fibonacci spiral to a Nautilus shell, the natural world gives us much inspiration for efficiency in design… if we choose to study it.

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household’s energy needs

November 6th (7th)

“We’re living in an age, where limitations are forgotten”
Happy belated #ScienceSunday!

New Solar Device Removes Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

November 7th

We hope you had a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Priorities.

Slicing a pizza with a laser

November 8th

November 9th (10th)

Never stop pushing the human race forward friends 😉
Happy belated #WednesdayWonders!

How Robots Will Push The Human Race Forward

November 13th

Just a friendly reminder:
Science is Real.

November 14th (15th)

We hope you had a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Rest and Relaxation.

November 16th

“The next time you get upset,
Remember how special this made-up human world is,
Maybe it’s not worth being upset about all those little things.”

Today’s #WednesdayWonders via Kurzgesagt

What happened before history?

November 20th

The Digital Revolution followed the Industrial Revolution, but what comes next? The Quantum Revolution? Learn about quantum computers in today’s #ScienceSunday via Kurzgesagt

In a nutshell: Quantum Computers

November 21st

We hope you are having a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Exercise.

November 23rd

“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”
Miguel de Cervantes

This space engine breaks a law of physics. But a NASA test says it works anyway.

November 27th

For this week’s #ScienceSunday we will depart from our normal science news and share in the true spirit of this holiday weekend!

Buy that special someone a gift that will enable them to grow, learn, and explore!

Best Telescopes for the Money

November 28th

D E N K B O T S π C Y B E R M O N D A Y




D E N K B O T S π C Y B E R M O N D A Y

November 28th

We hope you had a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Prioritization.

November 30th

Today’s #WednesdayWonders is us; Humanity.

We have so much untapped potential: Learn, Create, and Inspire fellow humans to unleash that potential.

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