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We have finished the eighth month of our recurring weekly segments!

#MachineMonday #WednesdayWonders #ScienceSunday

Below is a recap of October’s posts, enjoy!

October 2nd

The Industrial Age, Information Age, and Imagination Age.

History is defined by the Science and Technology we create to propel ourselves forward.


Science is what made America great

October 3rd

We hope you are having a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Teamwork.

Good defense requires teamwork

October 6th

As the Noble Prizes are announced, remember that Science is a few simple steps anyone can perform:

“Test ideas by experiment and observation;
Build on those ideas that pass the test, reject the ones that fail;
Follow the evidence wherever it leads and question everything.”
-Neil deGrasse Tyson (Cosmos)

Happy Belated #WednesdayWonders!

Nobel Prize in chemistry is awarded for molecular machines

October 8th

Meteor shower tonight!
Grab a friend and a blanket then have a great evening!

See the Draconid Meteor Shower Online Tonight in Slooh Webcast

October 9th

Everyone can be a Scientist when they grow up.

October 10th

We hope you are having a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Aplomb.

robot vs. the memory of her touch

October 12th

In support of yesterday’s International Day of the Girl, and with Christmas right around the corner, we present you with STEM inspired gifts for girls that send the right message.


Forget Malibu Barbie. STEM dolls for girls take off

October 16th

Happy #ScienceSunday!

Communicating Science to non-experts is one of the most important, yet least discussed, topics of our time.

As we live in a world that is the direct result of our collective advancements in Science and Technology, it is critical that we teach the core methods driving that development and that we promote a baseline level of scientific literacy in society.

That is why we must communicate effectively… why complex concepts must be Stated Clearly

What is the Evidence for Evolution?

October 17th

We hope you are having a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Job Satisfaction.

View post on

October 20th

Happy belated #WednesdayWonders!

In case you missed Tuesday’s premiere of “Tesla” on PBS you can watch it for free online!

Sit down, learn about #Tesla, and be inspired!

Tesla on PBS

October 23rd

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Schiaparelli: Mars probe ‘crash site identified’

October 24th

We hope you are having a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Time Management.

Whiteboard Clock

October 27th

Hold onto your butts… things are going to get quantum weird in this week’s #WednesdayWonders


October 30th

What does the future of solar power look like?
One possibility might be these new tiles from #Tesla

Tesla Unveils its New Line of Camouflaged Solar Panels

October 31st

We hope you had a great #MachineMonday!
This week’s key to success: Encouragement.

MRW imgurians perfectly loop oc

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