Describe yourself in three characters


So over the last several months, we have made a few little gems that mainly end up on on our Instagram.  We decided we would collect these and share them with our friends who might not be on the social media picture sharing mobile phone application.

We hope we can make you smile; Have a great day friends!

Make America Denk Again
Due to the lack of presidential candidates in either party that vocally support Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, or Space Exploration we would like to officially announce DenkBot’s candidacy for President of the United States of America! ‪#‎MakeAmericaDenkAgain


Shape the future in 5 words
Three words: Learn, Create, Inspire.

Happy Birthday Tesla!
Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!
#sciencesunday #tesla


denkbots are Team Mystic
Wisdom and Logic over Emotion or Trust?
You already know denkbots are #TeamMystic!
@GoTeamMystic #PokemonGO

timber2chainz dota 2
timber2chainz dota 2 TI6 prize pool

Hey friends, give us a caption 🙂 #thoughtfulthursday

Describe yourself in three characters
describe yourself in three fictional characters

Do you have an idea for a new image? Have a good caption for our Wokemon?  Let us know in the comments below!

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