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BattleBots S02E03 Recap

In case you missed last week’s episode of BattleBots, we have a quick recap and links to the fights for you!


If you would like to watch last week’s entire episode, they can be found on ABC GO and Hulu at the links below:

BattleBots S02E03 (ABC GO)

BattleBots S02E03* (Hulu)

Once you are caught up: Start your fantasy league, print your championship bracket, and get ready for tonight’s episode of BattleBots at 8|7c on ABC!

Also, if you would like a more verbose and comedic review of the season premier, check out BattleBots Update’s write-up: BattleBots: S7 E3


First off, let’s talk brackets and fantasy leagues.

To prepare for tonight’s start of the single elimination championship tournament, you should print and fill out a bracket with your predictions!

Printable PDF Bracket

 Also, you should get your friends together and form a BattleBots fantasy league!  This system is still in beta, but you know you want to be an early adopter, a BattleBots first follower, so make your league now!

Fantasy BattleBots (beta)



Brutus vs Moebius


Match One of this episode was Brutus versus Moebius, Vertical Spinner versus Full-Body-Spinner.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Brutus defeats Moebius by KO!

Son of Whyachi vs Ghost Raptor

“assisted takeoff”

Match Two of this episode was Son of Whyachi versus Ghost Raptor, Full-Body-Spinner versus Articulated Spinner.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Son of Whyachi defeats Ghost Raptor by KO!

Yeti vs Lock-Jaw

“hug it out”

Match Three of this episode was Yeti versus Lock-Jaw, Drum Spinner versus Grappler.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Yeti defeats Lock-Jaw by Judge’s Decision (Unanimous)!

Un-Aired Fights

“straight to video”

Match Four* of this episode was Poison Arrow versus Mega Tento, Vertical Spinner versus Art.  Poison Arrow defeated Mega Tento by Judge’s Decision (Unanimous).

Match Five* of this episode was Cobalt versus Overhaul, Horizontal Spinner versus Grappler.  Cobalt defeated Overhaul by KO.

Match Six* of this episode was Razorback versus SawBlaze, Grappler versus Vertical Spinner.  Razorback defeated SawBlaze by Judge’s Decision (Split).

Match Seven* of this episode was Red Devil versus Wrecks, Grappler verses Vertical Spinner.  Red Devil defeated Wrecks by KO.

Witch Doctor vs Rotator


Match Eight of this episode was Witch Doctor versus Rotator, Vertical Spinner versus Horizontal Spinner.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Witch Doctor defeats Rotator by KO!


Be sure to tune in every Thursday night this summer for BattleBots at 8|7c on ABC!

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