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BattleBots S02E01&02 Recap

In case you missed last week’s two-hour season premiere of BattleBots, we have a quick recap and links to the fights for you!


If you would like to watch last week’s entire episode, they can be found on ABC GO and Hulu at the links below (Note: ABC considers this as episode 2, Hulu doesn’t count the special episode S02E00 and considers this episode 1):

BattleBots S02E02 (ABC GO)

BattleBots S02E01 (Hulu Subscription)

Once you are caught up: Set your alarms, program your DVR, and get ready for tonight’s episode of BattleBots at 8|7c on ABC!

Also, if you would like a more verbose and comedic review of the season premier, check out BattleBots Update’s write-up: BattleBots: S7 E2


Alright, you have been warned: Let’s begin!

Bronco vs Blacksmith

“Off with his head!”

Match One of this episode was Bronco versus Blacksmith, Flipper versus Hammer.  You can watch the fight on Hulu here:

BattleBots: Bronco vs. Blacksmith: Qualifiers on Hulu

Bronco came out fast with several good flips; Despite Blacksmith’s hammer flying off he drove tenaciously, until Bronco delivered a massive flip!

Bronco wins by Knock Out!

Captain Shrederator vs Death Roll

“Surgical Extraction”

Match Two of this episode was Captain Shrederator vs Death Roll, Full Body Spinner versus Vertical Spinner.  You can watch the fight on Hulu here:

BattleBots: Captain Shrederator vs. Death Roll: Qualifiers on Hulu

Captain Shrederator got ahead early by ripping Death Roll’s tail off, then stayed ahead by destroying Death Roll’s head; With Death Roll’s spinner dead, Captain Shrederator was clear to deliver the killing blow.

Captain Shrederator wins by Knock Out!

Lucky vs Beta

“Hammer Time”

Match Three of this episode was Lucky vs Beta, 4-bar Lifter versus Hammer.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Despite dropping Beta off the cart on the way in,  they kept themselves upright for the rest of the match using their hammer as a self-righting mechanism.  Beta came out and pummeled Lucky, smashing their shock absorbers and in a few instances causing their 4-bar linkage to become stuck in the extended position.

Beta wins by Split Judge’s Decision (2-1)!

Minotaur vs Photon Storm

“get pitted”

Match Four of this episode was Minotaur vs Photon Storm, Drum Spinner versus Pincer.  You can watch the fight on Hulu here:

BattleBots: Minotaur vs. Photon Storm: Qualifiers on Hulu

Photon Storm came out looking very strong, catching Minotaur in its pincer – but missed crushing any critical systems by catching Minotaur right in its wheel-well.  After holding Minotaur for 30 seconds and having the judges force separation, Minotaur showed off its impressive driving skill and devastating drum power by delivering a stupefying blow to Photon Storm.

Minotaur wins by Knock Out!

Disko Inferno vs Chomp

“Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'”

Match Five of this episode was Disko Inferno vs Chomp, Horizontal Spinner versus Pick-Axe.  You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

It looked like Disko Inferno lost control of its spinner pretty early, so Chomp was free to get in a little driving practice.

Chomp wins by Split Judge’s Decision (2-1)!

Hypershock vs UltraViolent


Match Six of this episode was Hypershock vs UltraViolent, Vertical Spinner versus Lifter. You can watch the fight on Hulu here:

BattleBots: Hyper Shock vs. Ultraviolent: Qualifiers on Hulu

While Ultraviolent attempted to dance-fight – with some pretty sick break-dancing moves, Hyper Shock proceeded to remove Ultraviolent’s wheels and robo-guts.

HyperShock wins by Knock Out!

Complete Control vs Bombshell

“Control Magic”

Match Seven of this episode was Complete Control vs Bombshell, Grappler versus Pick-Axe. You can watch the fight on YouTube here:

Complete Control showed everyone why a Grappler won the 2015 Season of BattleBots.  They dominated Bombshell for three straight minutes while Bombshell’s drone did its best Hindenburg impression.

Complete Control wins by Unanimous Judge’s Decision!

Obwalden Overlord vs Warhead

“Art in Motion”

Match Eight of this episode was Obwalden Overlord vs Warhead, Art versus Grappler. You can watch the fight on Hulu here:

BattleBots: Obwalden Overlord vs. Warhead: Qualifiers on Hulu

The old and new school of Art bots collided: While Warhead dominated, Obwalden Overlord gave a glimpse of what the future of BattleBots might hold.

Warhead wins by Knock Out!


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