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Below is a recap of May’s posts, enjoy!

May 1st

“Transistor is a podcast of scientific curiosities and current events, featuring guest hosts, scientists, and story-driven reporters. The idea is simple. Pair radio producers with scientists to tell science stories. Producers handle the storytelling and production. The scientist contributes their expertise and connections in the field.”

Totally Cerebral: Exercise and Your Brain: A story of movement, memory, and mentors.

May 2nd

Hope you are having a great ‪#‎MachineMonday‬!
This week’s key to success: Vision.

May 4th

Design is more than just determining the most cost effective assembly of parts, or the most sales-friendly form; it is about “imbuing an intent upon an object” even if that intent is as audacious as solving homelessness.

As A Guerrilla Movement, Tiny Homes May Emerge As Alternative To Shelters

May 8th

In contrast to a giant powerful complicated machine, these little kilobots look rather weak and powerless… but what makes them so fascinating is what they can do when they work together.

Do Not Fear This Giant Robot Swarm

May 9th

Hope you are having a great ‪#‎MachineMonday‬!
This week’s key to success: Excellence.

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May 11th

What has the U.S. military’s uncrewed X-37B robotic space plane been doing while orbiting the Earth this last year? Feel free to share your ideas!

Mystery Mission: Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Nears 1 Year in Orbit

May 15th

Belated ‪#‎ScienceSunday‬!

Once you gain the fundamental tools to improve, you can’t stop improving, and you want to surround yourself with other’s that are improving themselves also; To form a sort of self-improving-organism. Is this how tiny bags of chemicals turned into the “vast menagerie of creatures” the world is currently populated by?

Find out in this fantastic episode of the Radiolab Podcast!

Radiolab: Cellmates

May 16th

Hope you are having a great ‪#‎MachineMonday‬!
This week’s key to success: Sacrifice.

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May 18th

Technology empowers individuals to create whatever they can imagine. The monetary roadblock to innovation is slowly wearing down into a smooth highway paved with knowledge!

College student 3D prints his own braces

May 22nd

As the democratizing technology of 3D printing has its ups and downs in the transition from hobby workbench to consumer product, the frontier of home 3D printing forges on. Is it time for 3D metal printing at home?


May 23rd

Hope you are having a great ‪#‎MachineMonday‬!
This week’s key to success: Humanity.

Happy baby riding on a Roomba

May 25th

Today’s ‪#‎WednesdayWonders‬ is late and interactive!

Early in the morning, at 5:30 a.m. EDT (0930 GMT) Thursday, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will deploy the experimental Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM),

You can watch it live at the link below courtesy of NASA TV!

SPACE WEBCASTS: NASA Inflating BEAM Space Station Habitat

May 26th

May 29th

“The pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession.”
-Albert Einstein

Why research for the pure sake of knowing is enough

May 30th

Happy ‪#‎MachineMonday‬ on this beautiful ‪#‎MemorialDay‬!
This week’s key to success: Charity.

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