Summer of Robots

Good News Everyone!

There is a lot of new content on the horizon, so we wanted to lay out an updated timeline of upcoming content!

Upcoming Content:

  • The premire of our podcast DenkTalk! [Posted 20160520]
  • The reveal and review of our BattleBots Season 2 robot design submission [Posted 20160527]
  • The upgrades to our BattleBots Season 2 denkbot design submission [Posted 20160603]
  • The beginning of our ComBots Cup/RoboGames/BattleBots Season 3 re-design (Early June)
  • The second half of our meta-analysis of combat robots (Throughout June)

Also, we will be transitioning servers this month.  If we do our jobs right, you shouldn’t notice a thing!

Finally, before we go we wanted to remind you that BattleBots is coming soon!

Tune in Thursday, June 23rd, for the premiere of Season 2’s 10-episode run (8pm | 9pm c on ABC).

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