ComBots April Results


This last weekend (April 9th and 10th) two ComBots events took place: RoboGames 2016 and the Southeast ComBots Championship

Below are the results from each event along with videos of the matches, enjoy!



  • Big Smack: Two wheel wedge action.
  • Dagger: Wedge and Axe.
  • Echo: Druuuuuuuuum… druuuum… drum
  • Foxic: Lifter from the UK, Made by Team Danby
  • Last Rites: The infamous Bar Spinner
  • Lil Pip: Wedge, Wedge, Wedge
  • Megalodon: Not the shark, the Wedgebot
  • Original Sin: Well Known Wedgebot. It usually wins these things
  • Over Easy: Pneumatic Flipper from Plymouth North High School Robotics Team
  • Polar Vortex: Orange Full Body Lifter made by Team Toad
  • Prometheus: The WEDGES!
  • Ragin’ Scottsman: Wedgebot, armed with a FlameThrower
  • RipTide: Overhead Spinner
  • Spin Down for What: Disc HS made by guys who made V For Victory [DNC]
  • Swamp Thing: Formerly Great Pumpkin. Has a Flamethrower, an Axe, and a “Tail”
  • Touro Maximus: BRAZILIAN DRUMS!
  • Vlad the Impaler II: Lifter/Rammer bot

Thanks Reddit! Reddit! Reddit! (seriously… can’t thank you guys enough)



MATCH ROBOT 1 ROBOT 2 WINNER [and link to video]
P1 Dagger BYE Dagger [no video]

Winners’ Bracket

MATCH ROBOT 1 ROBOT 2 WINNER [and link to video]
A1 Polar Vortex Original Sin Original Sin [V1] [V2]
A2 Ragin Scotsman Megalodon Megalodon [missing video]
A3 Vlad II Touro Maximus Touro Maximus [V1]
A4 Last Rites Foxic Last Rites [V1] [V2] [V3]
A5 Lil Pip Echo Echo [V1] [V2] [V3]
A6 RipTide Big Smack Big Smack [missing video]
A7 Prometheus Swamp Thing Prometheus [V1] [V2]
A8 Over Easy Dagger Over Easy [V1] [V2]
B1 Original Sin Megalodon Original Sin [missing video]
B2 Touro Maximus Last Rites Last Rites [V1] [V2] [V3]
B3 Echo Big Smack Echo [V1] [V2]
B4 Prometheus Over Easy Prometheus [V1]
C1 Original Sin Last Rites Original Sin [V1] [V2] [V3] [V4] [V5]
C2 Echo Prometheus Prometheus [V1]
D1 Original Sin Prometheus Original Sin [V1]

Losers’ Bracket

MATCH ROBOT 1 ROBOT 2 WINNER [and link to video]
L_a0 BYE Polar Vortex Polar Vortex [no video]
L_a4 Raging Scotsman Polar Vortex Raging Scotsman [V1]
L_a3 Foxic Vlad II Vlad II [V1]
L-a2 RipTide Lil Pip Lil Pip [V1]
L_a1 Dagger Swamp Thing Swamp Thing [V1] [V2]
L_b1 Swamp Thing Touro Maximus Touro Maximus [V1]
L_b2 Lil Pip Megalodon Lil Pip [V1]
L_b3 Vlad II Over Easy Over Easy [V1] [V2]
L_b4 Raging Scotsman Big Smack Raging Scotsman [missing video]
L_c1 Touro Maximus Lil Pip Touro Maximus [V1] [V2] [V3]
L_c2 Over Easy Raging Scotsman Raging Scotsman [V1] [V2]
L_d1 Touro Maximus Echo Touro Maximus [V1] [V2]
L_d2 Raging Scotsman Last Rites Last Rites [V1] [V2]
L_e1 Touro Maximus Last Rites Touro Maximus [V1] [V2]
L_f1 Touro Maximus Prometheus Prometheus [V1] [V2] [V3]


MATCH ROBOT 1 ROBOT 2 WINNER [and link to video]
F1 Prometheus Original Sin Original Sin [V1] [V2] [V3] [V4]

Thanks RioBotz and RoboGames!

We have one fight that we don’t know where it goes (see below). If you know where it goes, please let us know!

Touro Maximus v Spin Down For What

NOTE: If you have video of the matches above without footage, please let us know in the comments below and we will add it ASAP! Thank you in advance for the help!




  • AG-gresive
  • Breaker Box
  • Gruff
  • Old Iron


Gruff vs Old Iron 1
Gruff vs Old Iron 2
Ag-gressive vs Breakerbox Part 1 & Part 2
BreakerBox vs Old Iron
Gruff vs Ag-Gressive
BreakerBox vs Old Iron
Gruff vs Ag-Gressive
Ag-Gressive vs Gruff
Ag-Gressive vs Breaker Box
Ag-gressive vs Old Iron
Breaker Box vs Gruff 1
Gruff vs Breaker Box 2


We don’t know the full tournament bracket yet, but we have unconfirmed final results!

  1. Ag-Gressive
  2. Breaker Box
  3. Gruff


Once again, it looks like Original Sin has proven that if you can’t break you can’t lose!  As we get more videos and info from RoboGames 2016 and the Southeast ComBot Championships we will update this post!

As always, feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook or Twitter with your questions, thoughts, and feedback!  As we mentioned above, if you have video of the matches above without footage, please let us know in the comments below and we will add it ASAP!

*NOTE Revised 05/03/2016: Thanks to Dylan M. for the corrections!


  1. You have a few things wrong with your Robogames info.

    -Over Easy was the robot built by Plymouth North, not Prometheus
    -Spin Down For What did not compete (or show up, from my knowledge) and was replaced by Vlad II in the brackets. The second Vlad in the brackets which was meant to fight Dagger was replaced by a bye.

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