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Here at denkbots we like to enter all of our endeavors with a scientific approach,  That is why we are doing a meta-analysis on combat robots: Two decades of robot fighting data collected, over 400 robots categorized, and more than 1500 matches analyzed.

We will be rolling this analysis out over the next week, but before we start we wanted to give an overview of what we have in store and provide our sources.


Part One: Introduction to robot archetypes

Part Two: Analysis of championship fights

Part Three: Analysis of ALL fights

Part Four: Results and Conclusions

Part Five: Robot Evolution and Historical Perspective


First, we collected the results from over 1500 from the fantastic website botrank, which also keeps a current bot standings page.

The current top ranked 220 lbs robot on botrank with a record of 9-1 is Touro Maximus

The top ranked 250 lbs robot on botrank with a record of 5-0 is Bite Force

Second, we categorized each bot using a few sites:

Third, we ran the numbers using the greatest open source spreadsheet program around:


We hope this labor of love will give everyone a new perspective on combat robot archetypes, the evolution of robot fighting styles, and a little history on this wonderful sport.

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