BattleBots ABC Season 2

BattleBots Season 7 (ABC Season 2)

Qualifying Rounds

Bronco v Blacksmith

BattleBots: Bronco vs. Blacksmith: Qualifiers on Hulu

Captain Shrederator v Death Roll

BattleBots: Captain Shrederator vs. Death Roll: Qualifiers on Hulu

beta v Lucky

Icewave v SubZero (un-aired)

The Ringmaster v Ultimo Destructo (un-aired)

Escape Velocity v OverDrive (un-aired)

Tombstone v Black Ice (un-aired)

Minotaur v Photon Storm

Chomp v The Disk O’ Inferno

HyperShock v UltraViolent

Complete Control v Bombshell

Bite Force v Mohawk (un-aired)

ChromeFly Bucktooth Burl (un-aired)

Warrior Clan v Splatter (un-aired)

Stinger v Nightmare (un-aired)

Warhead v The Obwalden Overlord

Brutus v Moebius

Son of Whyachi v Ghost Raptor

Yeti v Lock-Jaw

Poison Arrow v Mega Tento (un-aired)

Cobalt v Overhaul (un-aired)

Razorback v SawBlaze (un-aired)

Red Devil v Wrecks (un-aired)

Witch Doctor v Rotator

Tournament Round of 32

Yeti v Lucky

Minotaur v Blacksmith

Bronco v ChromeFly

Red Devil v Witch Doctor

Warhead v Complete Control

Razorback v Ghost Raptor

Tombstone v Escape Velocity

Poison Arrow v Son of Whyachi

BETA v Overhaul

Hypershock v Warrior Clan

Mega Tento v Stinger

Nightmare v IceWave (un-aired)

Brutus v Lock-Jaw (un-aired)

Bombshell v Cobalt (un-aired)

Bite Force v Ringmaster (un-aired)

Chomp v Captain Shrederator

Tournament Round of 16

Minotaur v Warhead

Poison Arrow v Hypershock

Bombshell v Red Devil

Bronco v Razorback

Tombstone v Brutus

BETA v Nightmare

Yeti v Mega Tento

Chomp v Bite Force

Tournament Quarterfinals

Yeti v Chomp

Tombstone v BETA

Bombshell v Poison Arrow

Minotaur v Bronco

Tournament Semifinals

Bombshell v Minotaur

Tombstone v Yeti

Tournament Final

Tombstone v Bombshell


Bite Force v Witch Doctor v Wrecks

Skorpios v Death Roll v Bucktooth Burl (un-aired)

The Battle of MIT: Overhaul v SawBlaze v Road Rash (un-aired)

The Legends Rumble: Lock-Jaw v Stinger v Ghost Raptor (un-aired)

The Daughters Rumble: Bad Kitty v OverDrive v The Ringmaster (un-aired)